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About me

As I turned 30, I decided to take a career break and went traveling around the world on what was to be an amazing experience. At the time I owned a small hand held camera and ended up capturing what was to be an amazing adventure.
On my return from travelling I realised photography had become a real passion of mine so my next step was to buy more camera’s .


After visiting 28 countries in 4 years, I decided I needed to find some other uses for my cool camera; so I went to college, got qualified and won an award. Since that day I have undertaken a range of bespoke courses and have now been part of a professional mentering programme for 2 years. This has lead to meeting some ace people who have taught me to do a little more than press the big button on my camera.
So I travelled, took lots of pictures, then travelled some more. Next came my family, and in 2012 and 2013 I was lucky enough to become a dad to two boys. Then instead of taking pictures of cool places I took pictures of my two cool boys (lots of pictures). It was at this stage that my fiancée Jo told me to go for it, so Everybody Smile Photography was created.

Some Cool Stuff I Have Done

Sky dived from 14,000 ft, bungee jumped off a mountain face, rafted the Tulley rivers, climbed a volcano, danced the tango in Argentina, watched the sun rise over Macho Picchu, dived in the great barrier reef, watched the sun set over Ayres Rock, learnt to surf (tried), kicked a football on Rio beach, saw the water thunder down the Iguazu Falls, met Buddhist monks, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, drank beer at Octoberfest, heli-hiked the Franz Joseph glaziers, swam with dolphins in the wild, watched England beat Australia at cricket (in Oz), rode a camel in Egypt, rode elephants in Thailand, saw Liverpool win a cup final, cheered Barcelona vs Madrid, been chased out of a Berber village, became a dad to two boys, decorated a nursery and created my own cocktail.

Charity Work

At Everybody Smile Photography we are passionate about making a difference and every year we plan on using photography to raise money for a charity. This year we are raising money for the special care baby unit in Warwick; this is close to our hearts as our little one spent some time on the unit. Feel free to look at our blog or check out our social media sites to see what is happening at the moment. For donations to our appeal please use this link:
Thank you:) I hope you enjoy looking around my website and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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