'Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to describe the world the way they see it.'

Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


How to Choose your photographer ?

PICTURES, PRICING, FLASHY WEBSITES there is so much to think about and so many options when it could to such an important decision.

We believe the 2 most important things to think about are, do I like this persons style and can I spend my whole day with them.

You can start to figure this from someone's website initially,  does there website create any connections with you do you look through the website and think yes I like this person. If so great that a really positive first step.

Then perhaps make contact with them speak over the phone or meet,  by now you should have a more clear idea of if you have found your photographer or not.

That are many great photographers out there but it really is just as important to ensure that you feel comfortable with this person and more importantly you can see how they will help and support you through your day.

Is Photography Your Full Time Job?

YES, photography is my passion and to be able to apply myself to my passion on a daily basis is extremely fulfilling; don't get me wrong I'm not shooting every day but also doing all the necessary behind the scenes work to keep my business alive and thriving.

Why is it important to have a full time photographer for my wedding?

Having a full-time photographer will ensure that all there energy, expertise, and knowledge is used and goes into making your day special.

They won't rush things and all the necessary pre prep wedding day coverage and post production will be done to a much greater spec as this is there focus and profession.

How do we book your services ?

Please visit the contact page and make an initial enquiry from there we can arrange the next steps through email or over the phone.

We love to meet first whenever possible, and if your lucky we might buy you a coffee :)

If you prefer, we can FaceTime / Skype or chat on the phone.

What days/times can we book to see you for a wedding chat?

We try and offer wedding chats from Mondays-Thursdays (daytimes/evenings) and one or two Sundays per month.

Due to the nature of our industry, we often photograph weddings Friday, Saturday or some Sundays and sometimes during the week days/evenings too.

Do You Have any Qualifications in the Photographic Field?

Yes I have recognised college qualification in photography, I am also part of the MPA which is a professional photography body and take part in regular mentoring sessions with a global master trainer from Nikon.

What type of images do you produce?

My imagery is often referred to was documentary in style, meaning that it is never/very rarely set up and the images are captured in the moment as they happen. This way works best for me so that the individuals involved in the picture generally don't know that they have been snapped! This also incorporates details of the day and creative detail shots to make you remember everything that you made happen on your day.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes as you can tell from my website I am a keen travel so any opportunity to hop abroad will be gladly taken.

Most clients I get for destination weddings choose me as they prefer the style of UK based wedding photographers and sometimes it canteen work out cheaper :)

Are "traditional" group shots still important these days?

The traditional group shots are still very much in demand for parents and grandparents to have copies of, we try to get group shots to around 7-10 groups which makes the session easier and quicker to capture and stops you guys getting bored.

What makes a professional worth hiring over my friend?

Your friend may be a great photographer but what some couples do forget is that they are at your wedding as much as anyone else to catch up with family and friends as well and take a few photos for you.

At the times where somebody who is there solely to take photographs and look for the special moments whilst your friend may be catching up with his best friends-sisters-aunties-brother and miss the shot. Being there with no connection to the family and to look for moments means nothing will be missed.

What type of images do you take?

Documentary, Modern, Creative, Stylish, Emotive, Beautiful images with an alternative twist.

Can I show the images on facebook/Social media?

Yes of course you can, I would love nothing more than for you to show all your friends and tell them how damn amazing we are at Everybody Smile Photography. The only thing we ask is for anything that you look to do commercially comes through us, this includes other suppliers and venues. We do have a rule in place for them and they need to be seen to meet the requirements.

How long after the wedding can i collect my images?

Generally, after a wedding a waiting time of approximately 6-8 weeks. (in the hight of summer when bookings are higher a further delivery date may need to be arranged). This gives us enough time to process your images and supply them presented beautifully for you without having to rush. If you require any images for thank you cards then these can be done as a matter of urgency and emailed out but we do need at least a week to produce these.

Second Shooter, Do I need one?

A fantastic option if you wish to have both partners preparations covered and if you would like to capture different angles of the ceremony, wedding day and get lots of documentary imagery and lots more images of your wedding day celebrations.

It's always been an attractive option for our couples, but there is no right or wrong, Darren will always take awesome photographs just by himself. Why not have a look at our blog posts to see which couples have chosen second shooters and how their wedding day was captured differently. It's entirely your choice

Do you offer any albums?

Yes, we offer a variety of albums, different sizes, finishes and styles to suit your needs. Sample albums can be viewed before purchase to show what they look like.

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