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From looking at my photographs you will be able to see that my approach to wedding photography is to capture the moment as opposed to staging shots.
I enjoy capturing those natural special moments so that you have those images for a lifetime. I will also work with you to create any particular images you have in mind and we can work on making the ‘typical shots’ quirky and creative, if you like.
Unlike some photographers I will blend in and will not steal your show by taking over. I will be buzzing around and sneaking in between the crowds and creating real ‘I was there’ images.
By the end of the day I have one simple goal, to create a story which depicts your wedding day in the most beautiful way possible.
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Wedding Photography Warwickshire
This guy is truly amazing! He does what it takes to got the perfect picture! But its like he is not there, sooooooo natural! Darren you were brilliant on our day thank you
Mr Richardson

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